The Collective Cast

CC #1 - Introductions

December 05, 2020 The Collective Episode 1
The Collective Cast
CC #1 - Introductions
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Who is Chris, the Cryptic Chameleon?  Why is he creating this podcast?

Who is/are The Collective and what is their mission?

What is the future for this podcast?  Why does it exist?



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collective cast number one introductions you're tuned to the collective cast of the collective strive to fight adapt and grow whether facing the evils of the world or those within ourselves we support one another and leave nobody behind and now here's your host of the collective cast the cryptic chameleon hello everybody my name is chris also known as the cryptic chameleon and i want to welcome you to this first ever episode of the collective cast the podcast where we talk about our journeys to fight adapt and grow i want to welcome all of you to this first episode and in this episode i'm going to cover some basics so first of all who am i who or what is the collective and what is this podcast going to be about what why is this podcast in existence now and why why is that important to you or why might it be important to you why might you want to listen so first off who am i well my name is chris i am in my late 30s i go by the moniker cryptic chameleon on and on youtube as a game video recorder and streamer and that's something that i really enjoyed to do i used to enjoy podcasting actually and gave it up because uh well there's a variety of reasons it just was the wrong feeling and uh uh several other things and so why am i deciding to do this podcast on top of all the other stuff does it directly tie to my gaming stuff well no it doesn't it does but it doesn't um truth be told several months ago i ran into a very very big problem in my life and it's hard to talk about but basically i've been living a lie for the majority of my life and not just the late part of my life not the adult part of my life but the majority of my life uh i have found that i have very very deep harmful tendencies not just in terms of how i view myself but how i view the world i you know this is one of those situations where you're driving along at 65 miles an hour and you run straight into a brick wall and discover that really there are some fundamentally flawed things in the way that you see the world and there's some fundamentally flawed ways that you've been living your life and unfortunately those actions and those behaviors that stem from those world views have really hurt people in my life and i finally was able to see those actions for what they really are and it's been extremely painful it's extremely hard to see yourself as being somebody that has really deeply hurt people in their lives and and not not really seen or not really able to see that when it was happening but seeing it all in retrospect and then trying to change those those mentalities and those behaviors that cause that harm to others there are parts of my life now that will never be the same there are relationships that have so fundamentally been damaged that it's there may be no way back for those relationships and it sucks so through therapy and other group meetings i've been slowly trying to pick up the pieces of the shell of who i am because that's all it has been it's been a shell and when the masks finally all fell off i discovered i don't know who or what i am i don't know deep down inside that i'm anything but the scared child who never felt trusted who never felt loved in the way that he thought he should be and for that reason put on several mass of superiority of running of hiding of being manipulative of being controlling and several other things that i dare not speak about right now in this forum but that being said that's why i'm here i'm not here as an expert i'm not here as somebody who is handing down knowledge from on high on how you can live a better life i'm an everyday person who is struggling struggling to become who or whatever it is that i really am to find the goodness inside me embrace that and to be able to be emotionally vulnerable to be able to be emotionally and intellectually honest both with myself and everybody else in the world so that's why i'm here i'm here to share this journey and hopefully to be able to hear parts of your journey in the community in the discord in the online website that i'm hoping to build as a community for the collective which brings me to my next point what is the collective what is this this concept of the collective and why are we having the collective cast initially as i began to develop a new gaming persona the collective was the idea that i had for the community of my game streaming and uh youtube channel that's initially what the concept was and recently i thought about it more and it yes in the fictional world of mike my character so to speak the collective is a kind of secret agency it's a it's it's a shadowy secret agency where there are spies and secret agents striving to rid the world of evil to fight evil to fight other spy agencies who are out to destroy the world you know but recently i thought about it more and i was like there's more here there's more than just this fiction and that's where i came up with the idea of fight adapt and grow and that's when it hit me that the collective is not just some fictional thing that first of all it's my quote-unquote community but you'll notice even when i game stream i say thank you for being part of the collective along with me the collective is not my thing i want it to actually be a collective or a grouping of people who are there to help each other to fight adapt and grow to listen with an open ear an open heart even if that means it hurts to listen the the hardest thing right now in our world is accepting people for who they are where they are in life even if accepting them means accepting some things that you're not okay with but that they're trying to change if you have an addiction be it to drugs alcohol anger lashing out whatever those addictions are and you reach out to help or you tell people that you're struggling to come back there's a real fear of being deplatformed a real fear of being called out on twitter on facebook tick tock all these places and just being shouted down you're a terrible person you you get what you deserve but that's not what we need we need to be vulnerable we need to say well maybe this person doesn't want to be this person maybe they want to become themselves the best version of themselves and maybe we can help them to achieve that and maybe they can help me to become a better person so that's what my vision for the collective is it's all of us fighting together and let's go to that first word fight as the the kind of values of the collective fight what are we fighting for what we're fighting for ourselves we're finding that reality and accepting that reality we are finding the reasons why we need to accept that there are things about us to change it is a fight for our very lives at least for me it's a fight for my very life in my opinion and once we have that drive to fight that drive to become the best versions of ourselves to that drive to climb the very difficult slope slippery slope honestly of personality and behavior change of world view change of getting to the real heart of who we are and the way that we see the world and trying to change that the next thing is to adapt once i know there's something wrong and i've accepted that for myself i now have to adapt and adaptation is not an easy process it's like dying and being reborn over and over and over again and it hurts it feels sometimes like i can never get it right that i know the things i want to change and then i keep doing them granted i get better but it always feels like it's at a snail's pace it's at the pace of centurion level time you know centuries and i can only see the moment that i'm in right now but adaptation is so important once we have that drive to fight we need to take that drive and use it to adapt and finally once we begin to adapt we begin to grow we begin to see hope we begin to see that we can become that better person that person that we truly see inside of ourselves and accept that person and love that person which then in turn leads us to fight harder which leads us to adapt more which leads us to grow more that's what the collective is all about helping each other to when we're falling during this process of adaptation or when we're having trouble to find or in finding the reason for our fight that we can pick each other up and help without judgment without condescendingness without trying to puff us ourselves up and say i know the answers like i'm talking to you right now from a perspective of knowing nothing from only knowing what i've experienced and it's hard for me to accept that because so many times in my life i've acted like i know everything oh i know that i know this this is the right way to do things and it was a mask and it still is something i'm trying to get rid of so i'm not coming to you as an expert i'm coming to you as a broken person who's trying to do the right thing and trying to become whoever or whatever i really am and i want to hear from you and your stories trying to accomplish that as well that's what the collective is it's all of us working together as a single unit to build one another up to encourage one another and to sometimes drag each other along on this painful journey of self-discovery and self-growth i don't have the answers but i do want to share what i'm learning and share your stories as well i think it'd be awesome as long as i have the storage space available to do a collective cast community cast once a month to be able to get people together in a small group within this podcast so that we could share our journey semi-anonymously you know you don't have to give your full name but our suffering might help others and us sharing our suffering with each other will help each other that's what the collective is and that is the purpose of the the collective in this journey that we're on together now now that we know what the collective is what what is the collective cast what is this podcast going to be about i mean i guess we we've talked a little bit about the purpose of the collective and who i am but what what is this podcast going to be if i don't know anything well really this podcast is going to be a variety of things it's going to be me sharing tools as i discover them as i use them some i might throw aside and some i might continue to use books doing doing chapter by chapter summaries of books and my thoughts on them to give a little bit of information on what i'm currently struggling with and what what i'm doing to try to work through that but also as i mentioned possibly doing a more community driven episode from time to time where i'm hearing from other people what their struggles are and i'm opening or openly listening to those and we work to truly love and care for each other from a position of compassion and to share tips and tricks with each other the point of this show is not to be an expert driven you know handing down of wisdom from on high because i'm no expert i'm really not i'm somebody who is struggling through a very hard time in life a time that is transformative for me and my goal really is as i transform and as i go through this painful process to share it in the hopes that maybe somebody else is going through the same thing and might find some hope in it it's it's not necessarily about me it's about me owning my failures and owning this journey in the hopes that first of all i can start to diminish the amount of shame that i feel associated with this journey and associated with who i used to be but also in the hopes that others might be inspired and others might be able to take solace in that journey and eventually it might change it might adapt over time as well maybe i get to a point in the future where i'm feeling wholehearted and i want to start maybe interviewing people who are experts that have helped me i don't know i don't know where this is going to go but i know where i am right now and i know what i'm doing right now well i don't really know what i'm doing i i really don't i don't know what i'm doing but that's the point i'm sharing my not knowing with you not as an expert but as an everyday person and i'm asking you to journey along with me i'm asking you to take part in the community so that we can help each other so in the show notes there is going to be a discord link please join the discord yes some of it will be gaming focus some of it will be talking about what i'm going to be game streaming or what's going on to my youtube channel but that's not what the core of the community should be and that's not really what i want the core community to be i want it to be a group of people who loves and supports each other who celebrate the good times who cry over the hard times with each other and who are vulnerable enough to just be real i don't want it to be a negativity dumping ground where everybody comes just to say woe is me but i want it to be a place where we can be open and raw and honest with each other no masks hopefully i know we all have our mass and sometimes we can't prevent putting them on but let's do our best but that's what i want the community to be and that's what this podcast is about it's about growing sharing and hopefully just being able to connect with one other person who might find their story in my own at least right now in the future that might change so that ladies and gentlemen of the collective agents of the collective is what the collective cast is is who i am and what the collective is and that's what this is going to be about my first series so to speak although this is not really a serial series so to speak is going to be going through the seven habits of highly effective people and that's actually part of why i wanted to start this podcast because there was something in there that said read each chapter as if you have to teach it within 24 hours so that's what i'm going to do i'm going to take what i'm learning from this book distill it and share it with you the other reason behind this podcast if i'm being perfectly honest is i found what are known as now the podcasting 2.0 standards which you can find at and it got me excited because there's going to be a lot more community based features to podcasting things like community chapters where people can contribute chapters to divide up the podcast into manageable sections there are going to be things like a community chat that just like a youtube playback can actually allow people to interact with the show in real time even though it's not in real time so a lot of that stuff is coming for the new formatting of podcasting and for that reason the podcast host that i chose is one that supports those new features because it does allow for greater interactivity and so i got really excited about that because podcasting is all about connecting with each other it's not radio it's not television it's not i send my broadcast out there and don't hear from anybody so that's another reason uh it's another thing that inspired me but seven habits of highly effective people you're gonna the next episode is going to be starting to talk about that i've already started thinking about how i'm going to present some of that material how i'm going to take what i'm learning and spit it out in my own words so to speak so i'm excited about that in the meantime i do uh just want to bring up some things first of all in terms of supporting the show so if you like the idea of this show if you like over time what this material is then please make sure you head over to and click on the little heart icon in the upper right hand corner little heart circle or if you go to the show notes for the episode there's a donation link there as well please keep in mind that even though yes i'm flying by the seat of my pants here it does cost a little bit of money to run this show and it also does take time and energy to put things together so if you find value um in monetary form and want to contribute back rather in monetary form that's fine but if you're finding value in other ways i ask that you also return that value in other ways like contribute in the community jump in start chatting start talking about what you're going through in life if you want to contribute uh ideas for future episodes that would be great too as adam curry says on the no agenda podcast you know if you get value from this podcast then show some value either in the form of time talent or treasure there's a lot of ways that we can grow together through this and so i would really appreciate any any participation from your part if you do want to leave feedback the best way to do that is collectivecastfeedback again that's collectivecastfeedback all one word at and you can also subscribe through your favorite podcast player and you can find all of those links at so that's about it for this episode of the collective cast i hope that this gives you an idea of who i am what the collective is and hopefully inspires you to join the collective go ahead and click on that discord link in the show notes as well i would love to see you in the community and if you do want to help in the development of the collective as a larger community please let me know especially if you have any experience with the elgg content management system or online community system i would love your help with building out a really solid community site for the collective in the meantime i'm chris also known as the cryptic comedian this transmission to the collective is over we'll catch you next time here at the collective cast take care [Music] you

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